Monday Morning (Fukushima) Fish Wrap

The Fish Wrap: an occasional gaggle of interesting links, sometimes themed around finance and from personal finance blogs. A carnival of sorts, maybe arranged by topics, but certainly curated with inconsistent editorial standards.

It’s bloody cold in the heartland. An ice storm swept through a couple days ago, and left trees, power lines, traffic signs and anything more than an inch off the ground sheathed in ice. Temps in the high 20′s, not terribly cold and downright balmy to folks from Minnesota and Michigan, but it just looks cold.

ice storm

Brrr… it’s cold

Here’s the worst name ever for a menu dish: Fukushima Fish Wrap. Nevertheless, this might just be showing up in area restaurants if the Japanese Ministry of Information publicists have their way. From CBS News: “Inside Japan’s battle to prove fish is safe after Fukushima nuclear disaster Good luck with that one. More likely to happen, a new popular aphorism: about as appetizing as a Fukushima Fish Wrap.

Meanwhile, Japan’s trade deficit is going up. Replacing 15% of the energy previously provided by nuclear is expensive. Self-evident. With little domestic energy production, Japan needs to import more more oil and gas to feed industry and economy.

Traffic is good, traffic is nice. And so is keeping eyeballs glued to the site. Here’s a few reminders that it helps to craft short, well-written articles. Be pithy. Italicize, use sub-headings and avoid interminably long paragraphs.

Some good numbers crunched from Pauline on buying a blog (“I Bought Another PF Blog“), on Make Money Your Way. This from a gal that coolly buys cattle as investments. Up next, a blog about cattle.

For all the location-independent folks wishing to relocate and live the good life down in Central America, don’t be a pineapple.

Nelson writes on Seeking Alpha and at Financial Uproar.   A shot across the bow of all dividend growth bloggers:  “Okay dividend growth investors, here’s the deal: your investment philosophy kinda sucks.”

From SnarkFinancePick Up Tips Are Interviewing Tips, Part 1“.  Sure there’s a connection.  In both cases, you’re selling something.

From the 101C Wayback Machine

Some mildly interesting posts from the archives, one on investing and another on planting trees.  Guaranteed they’re more appetizing than a Fukushima fish wrap:

How To Add Thousands To Your Home’s Value For Only $100

Investing in Fatties Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Obamacare (Part 1)

That’s it for this week, thanks for dropping in, folks.  Posting will be irregular next week or so, as we’re hosting family and will be busy eating and drinking massive quantities.  Nevertheless, Email subscriptions are encouraged.  There may be something on Twitter too, hard to say.

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  1. Any thoughts on GDX / GDXJ for timing right now? Oldest son has a fair amount of cash in his RRSP (like IRA) from the recent acquisition induced sale of Petrominerales. Timing for around 18 months (but we’re flexible) when he’ll withdraw to buy his first house/condo. Also looking at REIT’s. My gut’s telling me this is a good bottom fishing time for both of those but it’s harder for me to invest for him than it is for myself since our goals are quite different. Well, except for the “make money” goal is the same. :-P

    • Hey Jacq – not very good at timing, but bottom fishing sure is tempting. Been doing a bit of that here and there. Recently picked up some Moneta Porcupine (ME), and looking hard at Endeavor Silver (EXK) again. I had bought EXK way back when it was under $1.60 (2009, I think), then sold it when into the 5 and 6′s. Patting myself on the back, thinking I’d cut a fat hog, and then ruefully seeing it spend time bouncing around 11 and 12. It’s back down to little over $3 now, but the performance numbers (EPS, FCF, book value) are looking good. To be sure, all speculating I do is with mad money. GDX is also tempting.

      • Well, I hit the buy button on a bit of GDXJ for myself that day. Spent a bit of time looking at Endeavor and it does look good. I’m trying to stay away from individual smaller cap companies for the kid though. And I’ve got maybe a bit too much in mining/metal stuff right now. But I just dumped the Barrick I bought this summer and am going to sell the rest of the SID I bought this summer shortly (now that trade WAS speculative on my part and I definitely got out of too much of it too soon – hurts just as bad to let go of a shooting star too quick as it does to catch a falling knife). Just not seeing anything as unloved as the mining sector in general right now so I’m not sure if it’s speculative or a bit of a no-brainer (given enough time). Or there’s something fundamental I’m totally missing… that’s always possible. :-P

  2. Thank you for the mention Andrew and happy holidays!

  3. Yeah, that’s a terrible sushi name. Maybe they should just build a few more plants in Fukushima. It’s already glowing so maybe they can make it a nuclear plant zone…

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