Forget About That $64 Dollar Tomato… Here’s Some Real ROI

All this for a lousy $2.49...

All this for a lousy $2.49…

There’s nothing like the arbitrage spread to be gained by a little  rosemary, basil and other garden herbs.

Two bucks and forty-nine cents (!!!!) for a few aromatic sprigs or leaves from your local neighborhood grocer, versus some measure of delayed gratification by purchasing a little potted plant from well, from anywhere that sells such things in spring time.

We tend to favor small local nurseries over big-box stores, but just about any store from Wal-Mart supercenters to the local hardware tack-and-feed  will be flogging seedlings for sale in the spring and all through the fall.

Rosemary, Baby!

While basil is glorious and aromatic and great on caprese salads, pesto and salads, rosemary seems to be its scruffier, more pungent counterpart.

There’s something about rosemary, the “dew of the sea” that nothing else will do in its stead.

Never mind the health benefits of phytonutrient interaction,  bioavailability, and the pharmacological interaction of different herbs, culinary or otherwise.  That stuff just glazes the eye and numbs the brain.

It’s all about the taste.

Lemon chicken without rosemary? Unthinkable.

Roasted potatoes (or any oven-baked vegetable), Bread, bread rolls, grilled pork chops, and flavoring for your olive oil cruet? Likewise.

Offhand uses like shish-kebab skewers, erbe toscane and picks for oven-baked prosciutto-zucchini-goat cheese rolls? Versatility, rosemary’s got it.

Not only that, but reasonable unfinickyness when it comes to growing conditions.

R. officinalis ‘Tuscan Blue’ is a tall-growing upright rosemary, with branches that can reach six feet tall that grow dramatically from the base of the plant. Used for hedges to border small fields in Tuscany, ‘Tuscan Blue’ is a handsome plant with exceptionally dark blue flower spikes and highly aromatic pale green leaves that lend themselves to cooking and drying. Along with the other tall rosemaries, it is more suitable for growing in warmer climates, but it can also be grown in short-season regions.

And regrettably, as our temps last winter got down to minus zero, so went our three rosemary bushes.  No matter, ten bucks’ worth of seedlings, and we’re back in business.    As for basil, pschaw! It’s basically free, with volunteers having re-seeded all over the yard.

Get growing, get cooking, that’s what’s in the air in springtime.

Until next time, folks. Posting has been sparse in March, as the F.I.R.S.T. regional competitions take up scarce spare time.  Number One Son’s robotics team have acquitted themselves with honor and grace, even in glorious defeat. 




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  1. I like rosemary, but it’s not one that I go bonkers about. I love garlic and basil a lot more. But any type of fresh herb makes a dish taste so yummy. Way better than dried herbs.
    Untemplater recently posted..Deciding Between A Full Time Job, Part Time, And Self Employment

  2. I can’t wait to get our garden started in a couple weeks! Congrats to your son and his team.
    Marvin recently posted..JNJ Stock Dividend Analysis

  3. I lover rosemary. In this part of the country, it lives year-round, so you don’t have to keep replanting it every spring.

    And lately, I’ve even managed to make basil grow as a perennial!

    Get little fingerling potatoes. Pour olive oil in a dish or bowl. Mince up some rosemary; swish it into the oil. Wash the potatoes; cut into smaller sizes (say, an inch or two thick) if need be. Toss these around in the rosemary oil. Allow to stand while you go about your business. Fire up the ‘cue. Place one of those barbecue veggie-holding gadgets on the burner; preheat with the ‘cue. When good and hot, spread the little taters on the pan thingie. Roll them around every five or ten minutes. They’ll cook pretty quickly. Use your judgement as to when to put on the steak. Serve potatoes with steak. So good!
    Funny about Money recently posted..BROKE by a Thousand Cuts


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