Sunday Morning Fish Wrap: Frozen again. Time For Soup.

The Fish Wrap: a spasmodically sporadic salmagundi of refreshingly readable articles and tidbits, occasionally organized around personal finance, investing, news, and maybe the odd recipe or two. 

Another Sunday, another cold front blowing in.  Wind chill below zero, sleet and ice and snow.

Good time go out and try the new four wheel drive. Or not. Best to say in and make plan some Minestra di Pane, or Tuscan bread soup.  Minestra di Pane or Zuppa di Pane is not necessarily Ribollita, as widely interpreted.  Ribollita, or re-boiled as literally translated, is eaten as second-day leftovers from the first iteration.  A good, old-world peasant dish given new life by new world chefs.   If you can read Italian, here you go. If not, there will probably be an the eventual blog post.

Now then…

How about some soup?  MMMMMM!!!

How about some soup? MMMMMM!!!

Personal Finance blogs and such…

Bloggers and writers, ever pause to wonder which little article and preposition needs to be properly capitalized in an article? Rhetorical question, but wonder no more: is the answer to many scratched heads.

The old truck came down with vehicular cancer, so we bought a new one.  Or rather, a used one.  New-versus-used is a perennially favorite topic in the world of personal finance blogs.  On houses, not so much. Nobody asks if you bought a new home or a slightly used one.

In any event:

Len Penzo buys new

Afford Anything does not

Ramit Sethi buys new

Funny About Money likes paying in cash.  In advance.

Money Beagle will never, ever lease a car.

Because he owns a car and knows about cars, Financial Uproar suggests buying cars from old dead people.  Because of the low mileage.  Just have the good taste to wait until after the funeral before making inquiries, as Nelson advises.

After crunching the numbers, Vanessa’s Money sticks with bipedalism. Or a bike.

Investing and Speculation

Teekay Tankers (NYSE: TNK) has spent most of its 101C portfolio life down on skid row, drinking cheap wine straight from a brown bag. It’s now starting to clean up, attend AA meetings and look for a job. The road back to respectability is a tough one.  This Seeking Alpha article is a good slice-and-dice on TNK’s prospects.  Not so high on them since the dividend was cut, even though the number of shares was growing with re-investment. Might give some thought to exiting if the stock price goes out past $8.

Up next, pure speculation: Beating The Index makes a return with a thorough technical analysis of an oil exploration play in Kenya’s section of the East African Rift Basin.

I must be living under a rock.  First time I heard the popular phrase “the internet of things”.  From Motley Fool

Not a good week for Bitcoin investors/speculators, as reported on Bloomberg.  Half a billion here, half a billion there, pretty soon you’re talking about real money.

From Forbes, predictions on PayPal’s mission to  “we iz in your iPhonez”

Workplace Blues…

One from Savvy Financial Latina and one from Sydney at Untemplater, on the topic of dealing with assholinesh-ness at work.  Some people are just no damn good.  Been thinking about another installment on dealing with scorpions in the workplace.  This might do it.

"Old eating soup" - Francisco Goya, 1819-1823

“Old eating soup” – Francisco Goya, 1819-1823


Fat Guy Skinny Wallet having a go at Roasted Brussels Sprouts.   Not a bad looking dish.  For next time, should be noted that everything is better with bacon.


Newtrons = The magnetized particles that amazingly hold some fig newtons together.


That’s it for this week, folks, thanks for dropping in.  Tune in later this week for another article on career and interviewing, and some thoughts on stocks and dividends. No more car-buying posts, for now.

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  1. Mm tuscan bread soup – that sounds good. I’m a big fan of homemade soups when it’s cold and yucky outside. I’m overdue to make a chili or veggie soup in my slow cooker. Thanks for the mention!
    Untemplater recently posted..An Ice Tsunami Bulldozes Over Homes And Insurance Companies Won’t Pay

  2. I love soups too, especially when my cook made it. :) One of my specialties is cabbage soup, it’s really healthy and delicious.
    Marie @ PF Pro recently posted..Diversify Everything

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