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So you're strolling along the bazaar alleways in Casablanca, window shopping for beautiful hand-made carpets, and bargaining hard with the local bazaari.  Up and down, back and forth the negotiations go, cries of misery and counterclaims of penury, and you're still no closer to that excellent Berber zanafi, which would look a treat in the foyer of your new house.  In frustration, you find yourself  thinking along the lines of WWRBD (what would Rick Blaine do?).   Well, not much of anything, really. Should Rick  be summoned into present era, he'd have a billfold stuffed with either Vichy francs or German Reichmarks, wouldn't he? Not so very useful to bargain in modern-day Moroccan Dirhams.(*) Currency markets have come a long ways … [Read more...]

How to use social media for business


The internet and social media in particular, have become key marketing tools for businesses and represent a great way to keep your products or services in the minds of potential customers. There are a number of reasons why businesses should use social media to engage with customers: Communication is instant. When someone mentions your brand online, such as on Facebook or in a tweet, you receive instant notification. The flip side of that immediacy is that social media users want an answer right away, so you need to have a system in place to respond as quickly as possible. If you can resolve any difficultly a customer has, they will be very satisfied, and you will have enhanced your reputation. You can personalize your brand. People … [Read more...]

Top 10 holiday destinations for 2015

Your typical Uruguayan beach scene

People with traveling-abroad inclinations are just now be beginning to dream/plan their 2015 adventures, but what are the must-visit destinations for this year? 1. New Zealand A literal end-of-the-world destination, considering the flight time. This land of the endangered flightless parrot is rated highly by on the travel boards. Undoubtedly, that its status as *the* Lord of the Rings location has helped with tourism, at least with LOTR cosplayers with airfare money to burn. However the unspoilt wilderness to be found outside of the main cities makes for a great off-season adventure destination. 2. Bali This is a beautiful and affordable destination with plenty of beach bungalow rental opportunities. From sun-kissed beaches to … [Read more...]

How About That Australian Real Estate Market?

Owns Australian Real Estate...

Besides Margot Robbie, Miranda Kerr, and the searing midday sun in the outback, the other HOT thing about Australia is real estate market. (now, there's four things that may not necessarily be found in the same sentence in your regular mainstream newspaper - even Aussie ones). A good stable capitalist economic environment, strong property rights and rule of law, and good beer foster a pleasant living environment.  Basic fundamentals for brick and mortar.  Add in strong population growth through immigration, low interest rates since 2008, strong government controls on releasing new land to development (think Nevada and the San Francisco Bay Area) and in some cities, regulations aimed at preventing higher density land use, and there you … [Read more...]

Premier Foods’ Douchey Move

just look at all that frosty spongey goodness...

(note for the readers:   this post was written back in December, at the time the news broke.  It's been languishing in the drafts folder, up until now...) For decadent deliciousness and low-to-none nutritional value, Mr. Kipling's Angel Slices and French Fancies are the British riposte to Ding-Dongs and Twinkies, right on up there with any sugar-bombs Lil' Debbie  can dream up.   Along with quick-noodles and tuna, snack cakes and pies are the basis of a sound nutritional plan for any iron-stomached university student. Along with Mr. Kipling's, Premier Foods flogs palate-pleasing fare as Ambrosia Devon Cream and Batchelor's Noodles.   One would think they'd in the same happy boat as Golden Enterprises, similar purveyors of … [Read more...]

In a patchy CV palaver? Here’s the remedy


You’ve got the swish suits, the bristling confidence and the conversational wit of an Oscar Wilde/Truman Capote mashup – but you don’t have the education. No matter what job you shoot for, and how dazzling you are in an interview, you’ll sink like a dumbbell in a lake if your CV isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. But you’re getting older – who wants to commit their life to studying when they’re on the other side of thirty? Well, there are ways to pack your resume full of goodness, and quickly. Here are just a few. Go the distance When you get past a certain age, heading to university seems like little more than a pipe dream. And the fresh-faced freshness of 18-year-old freshers is off-putting, to say the … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas to All

The Nativity - Andrea Mantegna - c. 1490

                  … [Read more...]

Weekend Fish Wrap: Best Get You A Snappy Resume


The Fish Wrap: a semi-random assemblage of mildly interesting linkage, mostly centered around business+finance topics, sometimes from personal finance blogs. A carnival of sorts, arranged in no consistent fashion, indifferently curated. Best get you a snappy resume? Why? Because the recruiter will "Command +F the crap out of it", looking for important like keywords like Ruby on Rails. Because another recruiter just abhors cover letters.  Yet another one loves them. Recruiters spend 30 seconds per resume. Or six seconds.  Maybe seven. They use CV-scanning software. Except when they don't. Who the hell knows? Bottom line, read the post for a range of perspectives, including ones from countries other than the … [Read more...]

Long-term Investment versus the Quick Buck


For most people, investing in the stock market seems like a glorified form of gambling. According to John Studzinski, this may be because they don’t understand how to invest in order to grow their money. There are high-risk investments that could double your money in a few months, but they can lure you into making impulsive buys that end up being big mistakes. However, there are a few tips that will help even small investors increase their earnings. Before You Start Even if you invest a little, if you watch it closely, you will end up with more money than when you started. You need to be willing to take some risk compared to leaving it in a savings account, and it is recommended to have an emergency fund set aside that will cover … [Read more...]

Mettler-Toledo: Who Are Those Guys?

( semi-subtle pop cultural reference )

FARO Technologies (NASDAQ: FARO) is a hot prospect in the  robotics investor space.  Less than a billion in market cap, and already 96% covered by institutions. But this post isn't about FARO, it's about chasing rabbits. As defined by Urban Dictionary, chasing rabbits is "doing something totally irrelevant or being distracted from what you intend to do." In this case, getting off-course from digging deep into the innards of Faro and seeing if it's a worthwhile candidate for a few hard-earned dollars from the 101C mayonnaise jar. Chasing That Rabbit Google Finance has the fascinating/irritating feature of showing same-industry prospects on each one on of its stock screens. For Faro, it looked something like the snapshot … [Read more...]